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By Emmanuel Daudu/Nigeria

The global presiding Bishop, Bishop Damion S.C.Bennett had said that the first ministry in Nigeria to become an official member of the kingdom Global Fellowship is the Fruiting Word Ministry also known as Bethel Revival Centre, located in Gboko, Benue state.

The Bishop made the statement today the 16th of February, 2020 while ministering in the church on what he entitled: ‘the secret of growth’.

The presiding Bishop made it clear that there are two kinds of growth, which are the physical and spiritual growth as he dwelled on pointing out the deeds and don’ts of a growth-willing person.

He also highlighted certain components that need to collaborate for growth to be actualized in every human been. He said the mind is one key component that can’t be exempted while thinking about growth. In his words, he said ‘go deep in your mind’, secondly, he mentioned ‘the heart’, and lastly, ‘focus’, which he depth fully emphasized on by saying that it could be achieved by going deeper in your inner eyes to gaze at the future and not the obstacles, the threats, and their likes.

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