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Embassy Security- Nigeria-Ghana Demolition: Ghana Kick starts Investigation to Unravel Perpetrators, Condemns Act

By Emmanuel Daudu/Abuja-Nigeria

The Republic of Ghana has kick start Investigation to Unravel Perpetrators as it Condemns Act.

Meanwhile, the government of Ghana has beefed up security at the said facility and the situation is under control.

“It has come to the attention of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and regional integration that unidentified individuals have allegedly breached Commission premises of the Nigeria High Commission in Accra and demolished its property under construction around 10 pm on Friday 19th June 2020”, the ministry.

While expressing the regrets over the incident, the ministry wishes to reassure the diplomatic community in Ghana and the Nigerian High commission, in particular, Ghana remains a law-abiding country that upholds the principle of the rule of law, where due process is followed at all times.

The government, will, therefore, not relent on its primary obligation to guarantee the safety of members of the diplomatic corps in Ghana.

The ministry views, with concern, this development which is a breached Vienna convention on diplomatic relations (VCDR, 1961).