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Letter To Evang. Joshua H. Apeh, The Man I Hope To See First At The Resurrection Morning-Hon. Apeh Mordecai

Press Release

Today, the 22nd of June marked exactly 3years down the isle that you traveled without a good bye, the day just like the Elisha in the holy book, my Master of inestimable and unquantifiable value was taken from me.

Dad, that day you like Enoch of the Bible walked into the realms of the immortals having led us in songs in a vigil that started around pass 11pm of 21st. Hmmm, how that in prayers the angel of death came with the message just for you to join the heavenly chants and melody.

I mean that day in history when when the Dad who would forfeit Sheraton, Barcelona hotel bookings amongst others just for the comfort of home chose to about pass 5pm in the morning of June 22nd relocate to the place beyond never minding it was a journey of no return. Yes its a reminder of that day where the weaknesses of an unhelped man resulted within me to repeatedly declare “God, you didn’t try” querying his script upon earth.
I almost ran into problems in my faith walk, but thanks be God for His unfailing love

Indeed, death is a powerful divider mechanism as that man full of love for his home could not refute this call that seems to be too earlier in our eyes

That day your little boy me, Caleb watched in helplessness as my prayers mixed with tears couldn’t measure to cancelling your transition.

Hmmm, can we forget this level of love for us your children? How that even at death your love for a continued stay with you still speaks when we were to part ways upon depositing your body at the morgue, Dad, how that the sound car lost ignition till we were back to speak to you again on why we were leaving you lying alone before picking up remains a mystery till eternity

No doubt Dad, your vacuum remains irreplaceable, we’re forever as disarmed soldiers as the General of our home is forever out of sight.

We’re forever pained that this good time with a saint on earth was only in a glimpse as of the speed of light. Your demise came at the point you were most needed, the time we were already getting the more silked to enjoying each other best

It pains to see how that like Elijah you have crossed us through the Jordan river, but now has left us to cross back by ourselves. The many projects we planned together, had some remained this past years unmoved because you were not here
In tears I say IT IS WELL!

Be rest assured Dad that we’re fine here, the Lord who took you like the Psalmist declared had never forsaken your seeds to begging bread, our faces had always been lightened and we’re never ashamed

Thanks for giving us God, your grounded foundations in matters of the Kingdom has eased this walk of faith for us even at your absence. Indeed, we’re not where we used to be sir

Thanks for being a Sacrificial lamb for us, because like the death of Christ for the Church has your departure launched us into abundance of open doors. Our mouths filled with Joy on every sides which oftentimes leaves us in tears why time couldn’t wait a little that you see our rising into the future of greatness you via the Spirit saw for us and worked to be birth in us laboring in prayers like Epaphras of the Bible.

Dad, you’re are not dead, you live with us, it’s only that we cannot see you!
You had only been sown like a seed to replicate many Ministers of the Gospel of Christ of the old-time religion of rugged men of faith like theJoshua you were.

Some of the fruits of your laying on of hands upon us for both spiritual and parental impartation of blessings are already here with us. Thanks for the prophetic release upon us that unforgettable night despite our attempts to refute the offer. Indeed like the sons of Issachar, you understood the calendar of your earthly sojourn and like Jacob imparted your children days before sleeping with your fathers. Hmmmm

We’re are consoled in that you’ve gone to rest from your labours in this land of our pilgrimage, years after, the community wherein you acted as light and salt has not recovered from your impacts on the sand of time.

You were faithful to the core, transited on the alter of fellowship.
Your good counsel had always been missed, the pain of the absence of a loving father has forever come to be with us, there non to fill your space Dad, I would have quicken your return now should the stay was time bound, but Dad, the Holy Spirit of God you linked us to had not ceased from being a better filler of this gap sir, He’s always with us to instructing on the ways to always take per time while comforting us.

Dad, your picture had remained permanently my wallpaper, the first thing I see on my phone all through these 3 years, same with my my social media status, and other backgrounds just to comfort that you’re always not out sight, but your absence still remains fresh as time goes by with nothing to quench the pain that goes with missing you.

Do you know Dad, that we have continued to enjoy the proceeds of your investments in people both in cash and in kind? The Achenyo Agbenyo gospel to whom you were an ambassador is indeed a revelation of life made manifest to you early.

The memories we shared of the little sojourn will not be forgotten in a hurry.
Dad, missing you has often left me with the thought to quit this rotten earth, that we join in the heavenly melody together, but how shall this be when the master’s volume for my sojourn seems not exhausted?

It is also worthy of note sir, if not for the God you handed to us and howfar your tireless effort has brought us, that several friends, family members, associates and closed allies, some of whom you played key component to their present societal status has disappeared into thick air and there is non to help

Do you also know that several has stood our ways to deny us of our possession just because you had traveled and would not be here to fight for us as always in what the Igalas says Ejuchégai

The Church of God and the Assembly of brethren misses your yet to be filled vacuum.
You may not have been that national preacher, but Dad you affected your territory greatly, the legacies of your immense contributions greets us daily as your offspring

Daddy mi, do you also know that the land of your nativity whose image you always protected now lives every of these days in your memory?
Hmmmm….. Thank God you had left before all these rottenness emerged

You may not had been on Forbes list of wealthy personalities, but sir, the number of faces you’ve light hope and put smiles cannot be monetarily quantified, several has affirmed this with

Keep resting at the right hand of our God for your enemies had become as they be not

Rest on my Mentor, Friend and dogged Evangelist who walked into God from place of fellowship

Keep praying for me to finish strong my course just as you did and possibly better.

Even in my next world if opportuned, will yet chose you as my father on every sides.

I will continue to write but in tears should I don’t pen down at this point

Your God help me to uphold the tenets of the saint you demonstrated during your sojourn on this side of wickedness

See you at the resurrection morning where we shall meet to part no more

The wife of your youth and the children the Lord gave you sends their greetings, we’re eternally grateful we were addressed with your personality.

Paalu whom thou lovesth salutes you.