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By Emmanuel Daudu/Abuja-Nigeria

The former Technical Adviser to President and immediate past Commissioner of Works Kano State, from Kano, northwest Nigeria, Hon. Mauz Magaji has said that The National Political Equity Movement has embraced the right strategies in attaining the 2023 South-East Presidency. He made the statement on Tuesday 14 July 2020 in a consultative audience he granted the N-PEM team in Abuja.

It was indeed explosive and edifying for both parties as he endorsed the movement as a good platform for the South-East and Nigeria, pointing out that the negotiation, persuasive, and consultation strategy is one great motivating factor as well as a strategy that would make him identify with the movement, stating that having a president from South-East come 2023 is something that will Unite and harmonize the historic conflict of the Nation and help deploy the capacity south East is endowed with to the entire Nigeria, which in turn will boost the general economy of Nigeria and Africa at large.

Initially, the convener of the movement, Amb. Okereke Sunday Obina giving analysis and basis for the agitation unfolded that the Nigerian political structure, parties, groups, citizens and social-cultural organizations recognize the six geo-political zones of (South-East, South-West and South-South for
Southern Nigeria and North-East, North-West and North-Central for Northern Nigeria) that
make up the federation of Nigeria. The power rotation at the presidency has conventionally been patterned between the Northern and Southern Nigeria. Since 1999, when Nigeria made a return to democratic governance. It has been observed that the Presidency rotate between the North and South in the following order: 1999 to 2007 (South-West President, North-East Vice President); 2007 to 2010 (North-West President, South-South Vice President); 2010 to 2015
(South-South President, North- West Vice President); 2015 to 2019 (North-West President, South-West Vice President) and presently 2019 to 2023 (North-West President; South-West Vice President).
“From the above analysis, you will agree with the movement that the Zones that were not mentioned for either President or Vice President are South-East and North-Central, we therefore call on well-meaning Nigerians to reflect on this as equity demands. As
Presidential political power is expected to return to Southern Nigeria in 2023; we strongly
believe and advocate that major political parties should consider zoning the Presidency Seat to South-East Nigeria in the spirit of equity, equality, unity, fairness, national integration, loyalty, democracy, and inclusion”, Okereke added.

It is on the above basis the movement makes her agitation for the South-East Equity Presidency -2023 in total recognition of established democratic norms and the fact that political power is not given.

Advocate that, base on Nigeria’s unique diversity, historical political structure, power arrangements and in fulfillment of the constitutional declaration of equality and social justice; including the urgent need for national integration, national progress/development, national healing, national loyalty, national fairness, national political justice and national belongingness that through negotiations, lobbying, consensus, solidarity, peaceful persuasions, superior civil argument and brotherliness, other zones should support the South-East for Presidency of Nigeria after 24 years of return to democracy”.

Hon. Magaji realizing the fact that the movement has embarked on a laudable objective urged it to have a constructive, workable, and achievable road map and a strategy that has to be strategic and negotiable.
“The negotiation skill of the region is very important”, he said as he admonished the South-East political leaders to in Ernest start discussions for alliances with the North East, North Central, and South-South.

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