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A delegation of National Political Equity Movement (NPEM Nigeria) today hosted H. E Nze Akachukwu Sullivan Nwankpo, Special Envoy to President Goodluck Jonathan, former SA to President Jonathan on Technical Matters and former Secretary at SURE-P to a special consultation audience session as part of NPEM strategic mandate to engage political leaders from all parts of the country, share experience with them and take away lessons on how best to attain the all important goal of democracy equity in Nigeria to ensure that Nigeria’s democracy works for all Nigerians to deliver equal opportunities and happiness to the people, fine tune debate on fiscal/development federalism or hybrid of both, Unity of Nigeria, political justice and South-East Equity Presidency 2023.

The session was quite engaging, insightful, strategic and very productive.

Speaking earlier in the session, Amb Sunday Chibuzo Okereke, Convener NPEM who spoke on behalf of the delegation, informed the former President’s special envoy that NPEM is a citizens led movement of all Nigerians worldwide and lovers of democracy who believe in democracy equity, restructuring of Nigeria’s governance system and good governance for all irrespective of ethnicity, political affiliations and cultural persuasion.

The convener noted that there was a compelling need to help millions of Nigerian youths to come out of political slumber so as to engage the current system through legitimate active citizenship and political participation. Amb. Okereke called on the guest to add his voice towards the urgent need to heal the country, enforce balance of political and economic power and enthrone the culture of rule of law, democracy equity, governance as a service tool rather than avenue for self aggrandisement. Responding, the Special Envoy to President Jonathan, Nze Akachukwu Nwankpo praised the energy and inspiration behind the organization noting it was needed to advance the cause for national unity and development. Nze Akachukwu acknowledged that political dynamics could favour the southeast in 2023 but however called on Igbo leaders to unite and engage the system in order to have a pivot that can build the right momentum, galvanize the energy of the people and convey assured trust from other zones.
“The most important thing now is for the Southeast political leaders to demonstrate their governance expertise and brilliance with the states in the southeast, fix the horse for the journey and build the required critical mass to overcome the intentional and unintentional huddles on the way” said Nze Akachukwu.

The political and social strategist also called on southeast leadership to resolve their identity issues by building trust and engaging other people without a predetermined world view about others, noting that leadership failure in Nigeria is not an indigene of any particular zone nor group but rather an unfortunate phenomenon that has permeated our governance system. Nze Akachukwu called on NPEM to remain committed to course, stating that every big thing accomplished in the world started as an idea, from idea to vision and from vision to movement that can make notable difference.

The NPEM delegation included Mazi Nedu Rome, Dr. Laz Ude Eze, Amb Ciroma Bashir, Comr. Chikodi Agbo, Mr. Emmanuel Daudu, Yakubu M. Habeeb Iliyasu and Comr. Michael Omoba.







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