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Sunday 26 July 2020

Factors that amplifies prayer effects:

A. “Righteous living: James 5:16, Psalm 24:3-5

“Prayer effect is enhanced by righteousness.

-“Existence with the conscience that is void of offense toward God and Man. Acts 24:16

“Exercise your conscience, make things in order with God and humans.

-“Defiled Conscience is equal denied access to God.

B. “Thankful living: Knowing how to appreciate and worship God amplifies prayer effect. Philippians 4:6,7,4-5.

-“It is existence with the attitude of gratitude or the lifestyle of appreciation for the faithfulness of God in time past. Psalm 103:1-2,5.

-“Your appreciation for his acts for the past is the qualification for his act of the future.

C. “Loveful living: Mark 11:25-26. Your attitude towards man determines the attitude of God towards you. You can’t hate people and expect God to love you.

-“Existence with goodwill for others. Matthew 7:12.
Note: God is interested in the lives of those who are interested in the lives of others. Job 12:10. No wonder God answered Job when he prayed for his friends. Don’t wish people evil, their success is not the reason for your failure.

D. “Sacrificial living: Psalm 20:1-3, 2 Chronicles 1:6-7. There are things you do for God that course God to ask you what you want instead of asking God to give you what you want.

-“Existence with the lifestyle of sacrificial giving toward the kingdom; this provokes divine intervention. The lifestyle of sacrifice continuously provokes answers to prayers. Luke 7:5.

E. “Fastful living: The life of fasting, Isaiah 58: 6.

-“The periodic intensification of desire and desperation through fasting; Psalm 63:1-2.

“Spiritual deliveries happen at the frequency at the spiritual desperation. Genesis 32:26

F. “Prayer in the spirit: Romans 8:26-27.
Praying abundantly, intensively, extensively, in the spirit as frequently as possible amplifies prayer effect.

-“1 Corinthians 14:2: Praying in the spirit is praying the realm of mystery to establish mastery.

G. “Kingdom service: is an amplifier of prayer. Exodus 23: 25-26.

  • “It entails releasing your time, your energy, and resources in the assignment of the father.

-“Service to God answers prayers that haven’t been prayed. Psalm 84:1”.

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