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Latest Updates on Security

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By Emmanuel Daudu

  1. 11th June, 2020, Mr. Yusuf a teacher and the son of retired Rev. Musa Magaji who has gone to the farm a day before and didn’t returned was found dead and his body dumbed in the bush.
  2. As a result, Atyap youths went on a protest which in an attempt to suppress it down 1 person (Mr. Zakaria) was shot dead and many injured by security men in the convoy of Kaduna State Commissioner of Internal Security and Home affairs.
  3. 10th July, 2020, Chibon village was attacked, 22 people killed, 6 persons injured and 19 houses burnt.
  4. 11th July, 2020, Sabon Kaura was attacked, 14 people killed, 5 persons injured, 1 house burnt.
  5. 11th July, 2020 Kiffin village of Kauru LGA was attacked, 8 years old boy was killed, 20 house burnt.
  6. 13th July, 2020; 1 person killed in Mashau Village.
  7. 16th July, 2020; Mai-do and the neighboring villages of Kachia LGA were attacked, 33 people were abducted and 4 people were killed.
  8. 17th July, 2020; Mr. Ayuba Bulus from Doka Avong of Kajuru LGA was killed on his farm.
  9. 17th July, 2020 Fulani militia attacked Efele Community a neighboring settlement of Doka Avong, Mrs Gloria Shagari and her 3 children were killed along side Mr. Hussaini Daudu, 1 person (Rev. Thomas M. Gambo) was left in a critical condition.
  10. 20th July, 2020; the Kukum Daji of Kagoro in Kaura LGA was attacked, 15 persons were killed, 30 people were injured out of which 3 people died in the hospital bringing the total dead to 18 people.
  11. 21st July, 2020; Gora Community was attacked, 11 killed, 10 injured, 4 houses burnt.
  12. 21st July, 2020; 3 dead bodies recoverd by troops in Fari village of Kauru LGA.
  13. 22nd July, 2020; Kizachi Community in Kauru LGA was attacked, 5 people (one family) were killed.
  14. 23rd July, 2020; Doka Avong Village was attacked, 7 people were killed.
  15. 24th and 25th July, 2020; Zipak of Jema’a LGA was attacked, at least 10 people were killed and many houses burnt.
  16. 6th August, 2020; Five communities of Zangon Kataf LGA (Apiashyim, Kibori, Apiako, Atakmare and Magamiya) were attacked, 33 people killed, 10 houses in Atakmawei, many houses in Apyiako, 7 house in Magamiya were burnt.
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