Friday, January 15, 2021

Masses to be informed and benefit from Govt. Programes through Traditional rulers, religious leaders, media engagement says GLOCHEED Boss


Global Center For Human Empowerment And Entrepreneurship Development,GLOCHEED, has agreed on the involvement of traditional rulers, religious leaders, the media and monitoring team in ensuring that the people get information on what the government is doing and benefit from the programs of government.

The Director General of Global Center For Human Empowerment And Entrepreneurship Development, GLOCHEED, Mrs Rose D R Gyar disclosed this during a stakeholders meeting in Abuja, recently.

She also encouraged Nigerian citizens to take active part in policy making of the government especially in the area of economic interventions.

Mrs Gyar said that since government is a continuation, the current programs embarked upon by government would outlive this current administration.

She emphasised the need for citizens to register their businesses since government would always like to deal with legally recognised entities for the sake of economic security of government funds.

The representative of the Director General of Bureau For Public Service, BPSR, Mr Ekpe Egbe who is also a Director of Special Duties in BPSR said that President Muhammad Buhari had the idea of introducing citizen’s inclusiveness in his administration from the outset.

Mr Egbe reiterated that Bureau For Public Service, BPSR, is undergoing general reform which gives rise to citizens participation.

Some participants at the stakeholders meeting highlighted salient points which serve as challenges encountered by SMEs in Nigeria. These include: the leadership style of some heads of cooperatives, the activities of some government agencies, limited involvement of women groups and godfatherism.

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