Sunday, January 31, 2021

Declare War against Gender Based Violence, says Mr. Azubuike Michael to the United Nations


By Emmanuel Daudu/Abuja-Nigeria

The Founder, Grow Cassava, Palm Tree and Farm Produce for Cash (GCPPC), Mr. Azubuike Michael Nwachukwu (Nigeria) has called on the United States to declare war against Gender Based Violence stating that morals must be restored in our nations.

Mr. Azubuike made the
recommendation to the United Nations, all countries, governments, diaspora communities, humanitarian organizations, development partners, foundations, philanthropists, donors and end GBV/VAWG stakeholders world wide in a symposium organised by Afrihealth Optonet Association on Gender Based Violence, recently.

He further stressed that, “Gender-Based Violence and violence against women and girls orchestrated during wars and inter-communal conflicts, thus making it punishable under current international laws on war crimes are a few ways amidst others that causes increasing GBV cases.

Azubuike also opined that free and compulsory health services for all victims of GBV /VAWG in all health facilities while using health insurance to pay for those who shall be treated by private health facilities, especially for refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), migrants, homeless people, persons with disability, older persons and young people / adolescents should be evidently available for victims all around the world.

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