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By Virginia Agada, Birland

The government and people of Africa’s newest country known as the State of Birland, have expressed shock and sadness over the death of the King of Zulu Kingdom, His Majesty, King Goodwill Zwelithini, whose sad event took place today, 12th March 2021.

In a letter of condolence signed by Birland’s Prime Minister, Prof. Princess Eden S. Trinidad, and sent to the head of the late King’s family, Birland said a great King of Africa with enormous creative and intellectual resources has been lost. “He was a charismatic leader and a strong supporter for the full establishment of the State of Birland”, the letter added.

Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, son of the late King had in a letter notifying Birland of his father’s passage, hinted that the King was lost to health complications and died in the early morning hours of today, Friday, 12th March, 2021 at the hospital where he was taking treatment.

Birland urged the family to sustain the legacy of peace, unity, and societal impact for which the late King was known and work towards immortalising his peculiar legacies.

The Prime Minister also requested the family to keep Birland posted on the burial arrangements as it has decided to send a delegation to attend the burial and join others in paying their last respect to the charismatic King.

Birland acknowledged the late King’s true love for her people and his zeal for global peace and development, adding that late King Goodwill Zwelithini of the Zulu Kingdom was the leader of one of the many kingdoms whose people had endorsed the recognition of Birland by the United Nations.

Birland also prayed God to grant the family and the entire natives of Zulu Kingdom the fortitude needed to bear the irreplaceable loss, adding that the king was lost at a time when his services and workable ideas were needed for the unification of Africa and the globe.

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