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TELPECON stakeholders through their spokesperson Mr. Ajayi have identified Asogbon, the national secretary of Telpecon as the arrow Saboteur responsible for the delay in grant disbursement.

In Telpecon’s official WhatsApp post on Tuesday, being 23rd March 2021, Mr. Ajayi revealed that Asogbon as the National Secretary of the body had severally used his position to alter many records in favour of his family members and friends.

Mr. Ajayi noted with dismay that the alterations which involved the arbitrary changing of Directors of NGOs and Beneficiaries have caused a lot of setback to the organization adding that inability of the body to provide acceptable data devoid of padding has been the major challenge of the Telpecon.

He however warned that Asogbon’s evil days have come to a borderline as he said he is going to get the treatment he deserves from Nigerians in a matter of days from now!

.Mr. Ajayi also encouraged Telpecon’s grant hopefuls to attend the next conference of the organization slated at Abuja on the 25th March 2021.


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