Monday, April 12, 2021

2023 Elections: It is Time for Nigerian Youths and Diaspora to Take Charge, Says ADC


By Lawrence Duya, Abuja-Nigeria

The need to salvage Nigeria from the rhetorics of old politicians who have milked the country dry has received a fresh boost from African Democratic Congress-Diaspora Network, ADC-DN.

The Deputy National Chairman (Diaspora Engagement) African Democratic Congress, ADC, and Leader of ADC Diaspora Network, Hon. Kenneth Gbandi made this known at the African Democratic Congress-Diaspora Network’s (ADC-DN) Global Press Conference
held in Abuja yesterday April 12, 2021 at No.4, Lusaka Street, Wuse zone 6, while addressing a cluster of journalists.

In his speech, “this administration has failed Nigerians on many fronts: too many unkept promises; naira is not one dollar as promised; and electricity, we were told it will be fixed in two years by any serious Government; the issue of security, we were promised it will be history; kidnapping has become a regular business in Nigeria today; increase in the price of fuel; freedom of expression has been under assault while corruption is almost near legalization today, and youth unemployment is at catastrophic level with the 2nd highest unemployment rate anywhere in the world today. We have indeed become the poverty capital of the world in all ramification, while our legislators are enjoying jumbo salaries and opposition have been intimated into total submission or threatened with state apparatus to decamp to clueless parties.

Hon Gbandi reiterated how foreign governments like the USA, the UK, and Canada are involving Nigerian Diasporas and youths invaluable positions and the successes attained by Dr. Okonjo Iweala, DG World Trade Organisation; Mrs. Amina Muhammed, Deputy Director General UN; Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, ADB President. Hon. Gbandi expressed shock at how the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives belittled the importance of the Diaspora Nigerians.

He said that the African Democratic Congress-Diaspora Network, ADC-DN, with its presence in 5 (five) Continent of the world namely ADC-DN Africa, ADC-DN America, ADC-DN Asia & Middle East, ADC-DN Europe, and ADC-DN Oceania & Pacific Region, are willing, ready, and capable to fully mobilise to rescue the country and save the ship of Nigeria from totally going abase under the current leadership.

ADC-DN has also launched the ADC-DN Youths Ambassadors program to take place across Nigerian Universities and the 36 states of the federation and Abuja.

Speaking further, he disclosed that the aim is to rescue the nation from the grandparents who are no longer in touch with the best modern good governance and have refused to give way.

Giving a rundown of the total elective positions to be filled in Nigeria come 2023 general elections, he said, “President and VP, 36 State Governors and Deputies, 109 Senators, 360 House of Reps Members, over 800 State Legislators. Apart from these, there are 774 Local Council Chairpersons and nearly 10,000 Ward Councillors”.

However, Hon Gbandi encouraged all Diasporans (Nigerians) and Youths who are troubled with the situation in Nigeria to go beyond venting their anger on social media and join project Diaspora/Youths “Rescue Nigeria Mission” and be part of the ADC.

The Global Press had: Hon. Kenneth Gbandi, Deputy National Chairman (Diaspora) ADC-DN; Barr. Ifenla Oligbinde, Director of Communication and Programs; Mr. Stephen Adeoye, ADC-DN Leader and Barr. Maurice Evan, National Youth Leader ADC.

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