Sunday, May 2, 2021

2021 Workers Day: We should hope for a better Nigeria, ADC National Chairman urges Nigerians


By Lawrence Duya, Abuja-Nigeria

The National Chairman, African Democratic Congress, Chief Ralphs Okey Nwosu has expressed deep pain on the plight of Nigerian workers, urging them to be optimistic of a better future soon as the party takes up the apex leadership position in the country come 2023.

The National Chairman made this known during the Anambra State Congress, Inauguration, and Launch of the Anambra Global Vision at Awka in Anambra State, recently.

He said, “while the civil servants that have invested over twenty (20) years in service can hardly afford decent meals, the political leaders have become multi-millionaires and billionaires, while the pensioners die in queues for their stipends. The political leaders get fat cheques, houses, and other luxurious pecks, and at the same time, our youths and women doing menial jobs are targeted by their various governments to boost internally generated revenue, the big men and their agents are looting the scarce revenue for their scandalous rendezvous. That is the gloomy state of real workers and our elected and appointed political elites in Nigeria”.

Chief Nwosu described the situation as, “authoritarianism, propaganda, bigotry, and blackmail are very well-known default lines of lackluster leaders. Injustice, divide and rule, bribery and corruption, ethnicity, and religion are their sim-cards data and Wi-Fi. The irresponsible regimen has gone on for too long in Nigeria not just within the last 22 years of this republic, it predates the 61 years of our independence. The results are the toxicity, terrorism and ethnic militia and state of paranoia which have overtaken our country”.

He opined that “the killings, hate, state of total insecurity and the brigandage of people in government are all symptoms of leadership failure”.

The chairman admonished workers and Nigerians in general as thus, “some of you may remember when in 2002, I said to Ndi-Anambra ‘let’s go to work’. Today, I reaffirm that singular statement not only to Ndi-Anambra but to our entire Nigerian people. Nigerians, ‘let’s go to work; to salvage our state and country, empower our people and create a model for all”, he resolved.

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