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By Lawrence Duya, Abuja-Nigeria

The National Chairman of Africa Democratic Congress, Chief Ralphs Nwosu, has once again, drawn Buhari out of his shell on the dwindling of democratic norms after 22 years of the introduction of democracy into the Nigerian political space.

Chief Nwosu made this known through a press release where he pointed out that true democracy represents freedom, liberty, social equality, equal rights and an egalitarian society that guarantees free will.

He lamented that it is hypocritic to give a public holiday on June 12 and deny the people the right to express themselves. Such action waters down the ethos and principles on which democracy inbuilt on according to the National Chairman.

Chief Nwosu charged the APC-led government to stop the suppression of citizens’ voices and listen to the people.

“When you have an authoritarian regime that doesn’t respect ethics and values, rule of law, or International Protocols of citizens, you have a society that is docile and doesn’t recognize innovation and creativity. If you have a society where everyone is allowed to express his/her feelings, the creativity in people will come alive” he said.

The National Chairman gave the position of ADC as, “however, for us in ADC in this period, we have seen that the government in Nigeria has become so unresponsive to various issues concerning the welfare and the critical issues of nation-building and we have decided that there is no need to complain. We have taken it to God in prayer and told the citizens to continue to hold the government accountable because they must not count it as a privilege when the government finally decides it is convenient to speak to them.

“Come 2023, the African Democratic Congress, ADC, will create Freedom Square in every State. The Freedom Square will be built in all the States for the citizenry to go and express themselves 24/7, all year round. People will be able to go to the Freedom Square to show their grievances.”

Chief Nwosu further said, “we do not expect any miracle from this administration. Things get worse, unfortunately, as Buhari and APC enter lame ducks mode: abnormality has become normal, people don’t have jobs and they can not complain. Families are hungry and they can not complain. The country is burning and presently on a cliff due to insurgency and insecurity from Fulani Herdsmen, Boko Haram, Unknown Gunmen, Bandits, and so on, yet the people can not complain.”

He called on APC to give the people space to breathe and admonished Nigerians to come together and vote out all the corrupt and oppressive people from government in the forthcoming general elections.

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