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Your Incitement Cannot Save Oyetola- PDP Mocks Abdullahi Adamu Fuel Scarcity: HRH Omobola Bolu Omoleme pleads FG to look into the ravaging situation in the country

By Emmanuel Daudu

As the state of Birland joins the rest of the Muslim Ummah to mark the 2021 Eid-Al Adha, which signifies the lessons of Obedience and Sacrifice by Prophet muhammed, the Birland Prime Minister, Prof. Princess Eden Trinidad has urged Africans to continue embracing unity as well as peace in the continent, encouraging Muslims faithful to imbibe in the values and lessons that the celebration signifies for the progress, unity, and development of the continent.

In a Sallah message, The Prime Minister, Prof. Princess Eden Trinidad urged the Muslim Ummah to hold unto the lessons of selflessness, discipline obedience, and sacrifice which is the essence of the celebration.

She also called on the Ummah and indeed all Africans to stay and keep safe given the confirmed upsurge in COVID-19 infections in some parts of the continent.

While wishing the Muslim Ummah a happy and peaceful celebration, she urged them to avoid large gatherings and comply with strict adherence to all prescribed nonpharmaceutical preventive measures of facial coverings, constant hand washing, and physical distancing during the Sallah celebration.

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