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Fellow Nigerians, gentlemen and ladies, social media influencers, bloggers, and our esteemed followers on various handles on @cymsnigeria

We have been pushed as an organisation despite our activities and busy schedules on national development to react to stories making around the news and social media-centered on our adorable colleague, King Tonto Dikeh, the CYMS Director, Socials and Empowerment in National Headquarter.

The public figure, humanitarian, and celebrity is a committed, dedicated and hardworking official whose character and team working spirit is impressive, commendable, and worthy of emulation which every man would like to have as a wife.

Tonto Dikeh represents the light that adds colourful scenario in every environment she found her self, these few qualities among many make her a unique and extraordinary fellow no one can ever imagine.

We make it bold to say, we will always be thirsty for her happiness, see her progress, and advance in her career, though it is obvious that lovely single ladies with golden hearts most times find themselves in an unfortunate, unwanted & regretting situation, however, we are glad that Tonto Dikeh is never a palliative and will never be used as a giver lady.

Apart from beauty, she is a loyal, humble colleague that has the technical know-how to manage resources, emotions and contribute ideas.

She is a patriotic Nigerian and a law-abiding citizen whose state, Rivers State will always be proud to have as their illustrious daughter from Obio-akpor LGA.

Well, it is obvious that we are not just in a social world but we also live in a social media world with different social lives, mindsets, and most times hidden agendas but it will be ill, ugly, and disappointing if we behave like irresistible personalities on social media created by men like us to utilize without often acrimonious expression or causing a public disturbance.

CYMS is prompted to make this official statement on behalf of our officials, Members, and Volunteers across the Nigerian and in Diaspora based on concern that we are solidly behind our adorable colleague and we urge the media, interest groups, social media influencers, and the world to note that she has an image to protect and duty as an official in an organisation saddled with the responsibility of promoting peaceful coexistence, moral values, youth development, policies & programs of the Federal government.

In view of the above, we urge all our followers on @cymsnigeria both via Facebook, Twitter & IG, her fans, and the public to disregard any news packaged to tarnish her good image, cause her distraction, and emotional disorder.

Women naturally are emotional especially when they are moved by feelings but men shouldn’t abuse or take advantage of it.

Women are created to always express their feelings, therefore they should be respected, loved, supported, mentored, pampered, and corrected when digressing in line with any agreement nor understanding.

No man should be encouraged to join the negative emotional conversation, issues, and engaging followers on Social Media as Judges of obsolete and soured relationships that couldn’t survive its incubation period.

In conclusion, Tonto Dikeh is a kind of woman every man should desire to have as a wife, she is a God-fearing, caring, loving, and industrious lady per excellence.

Thanks and God bless you all

Comrade Obinna Nwaka,
Committee of Youth on Mobilization and Sensitisation (CYMS)

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