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By Usman Aliyu

World Sustainable Development Goals Organization, WSDGsO, (NGO) has appointed the President, State of Birland and the Prime Minister, HR.M. King Emir A. Haiyawi and
H.R.M. Prof. Dr. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad respectively as board members.

President, State of Birland, H. E, HR.M. King Emir A. Haiyawi
Prime Minister, State of Birland, H.E, H.R.M. Prof. Dr. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad

The certification of appointment which was presented to the appointees by the World Sustainable Development Goals Organization with the registration number: CAC/IT/ 116959 humbly pleads with His Excellencies, the appointees to contribute their quota for the realisation of the organization’s goals and objectives both nationally and internationally.

The both appointments which were co-signed by the founder/global President and Acting Global Secretary, Emmanuel Huleji Daudu, Ayewa Immaculate respectively described the appointment as meritorious going by their immeasurable impacts on humanity.

Emmanuel Huleji Daudu, while making the presentation congratulated the both appointees as he welcomed them officially to the apex decision body of the organization.

Speaking further, he expressed optimism in their capacity and capability in meeting up to their sundry incumbent expectations as he wished them good luck upon assumption in office.

Earlier, Emmanuel, speaking superficially on the scope of responsibilities of the organization, said, World Sustainable Development Goals Organization, WSDGsO, is an international NGO focused within the entire 17 goals of SDGs including combating trafficking, youth and women empowerment within the UN member Nations.

“Reacting to the appointment, The State of Birland President, H.R.M. King Emir A. Haiyawi appreciated the reputable organization for the privilege given him to serve in that capacity assuring the organization of his contribution in both Birland State as a country and beyond to the benefit of humanity.

Digressing a little, he disclosed that The Birland State Government International Office is located at 263 Kaki Bukit Avenue 1, Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 416066, Singapore.

Giving a brief history about Birland, “Due to political reasons, Birland, also known as Bir Tawil, is one of the few remaining habitable land areas in the world that has not been claimed by any recognised state.

“Over the years, numerous individuals have tried to lay claim to the land by raising their flag and taking photos of themselves standing in this land known as Bir Tawil. However, none have made concrete plans to establish it as an internationally recognised country.

“Birland state was officially founded in 2015 by me, H.R.M. King Emir A. Haiyawi”, he added.

Her Excellency, The Prime Minister, State of Birland, H.R.M. Prof. Dr. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad reacting to the appointment, said, “I’m very honored that an international organization have seen me worthy and made a member of their BOT. I will immensely do my best so that the objectives of the organisation is achieved”, she assured.

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    Congratulations to You both.
    Hope to visit, work in Birland someday.

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