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By Bilkisu Aminu, Abuja

“This summit is aimed at unfolding opportunities to unlock the heart of Nigerians in terms of economic opportunities that may arise and the need for accountability and transparency in the country and the use of resources”.

The Acting Executive Director CLEEN Foundation, Mrs. Ruth Olofin made this known while speaking with journalists at the Public Sector Risk and Governance Summit held 30th of November 2021 in National University Commission, Abuja.

Mrs. Olofin Explained Risk to be unforeseen circumstances that can delay one from a particular set of goals. “For example, the COVID- 19 is a risk because it disrupted almost every segment of the society”.

Speaking also, the founding Partner Conrad Clark, MSc CFIRM Joachim A. Adenusi commends partners for coming up with the inaugural Public Sector Risk and Governance Summit, which is part of Conrad Clark’s modest contribution aimed at supporting, strengthening, and positioning the Nigerian public sector as one the best and most effective in the post-COVID world.

He said, “for us at Conrad Clark, we see risk governance as the process of handling the effect of unplanned changes to or deviations from set goals, which could diminish performance outcomes.

“Risk governance is associated with being transparent, responsible, and accountable for the tasks that must be reported and monitored. And finally, it requires a plan or strategy to identify, assess, prioritize and urgently deal with the complexity, challenges, and opportunities facing political leaders and public sector professionals”.

He added Thus, “the principle behind public sector risk governance is to ensure that political leaders and public sector officials are as close as possible to delivering on the promises made to the people.

“Nigeria does not exist without its people. Therefore, the heart of the country is its people, and unlocking the heart of Nigeria requires giving the Nigerian people all the tools they need to be economically productive and socially responsible citizens.” That is why the theme of this summit is “Unlocking the Heart of Nigeria – A Risk-based Approach.

“This summit is designed to broaden the understanding of stakeholders on the imperative of effective public sector risk governance in achieving economic prosperity and social progress in Nigeria. It aims to unveil ways of managing political leadership risks to foster accountability and boost investment, empower public administrators in handling exposure to social risks and other vulnerabilities, and hopefully inspire untapped sources of opportunities for the Nigerian people”.

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