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…dementia is not witchcraft but health challenge- Dr. Emem Omokaro

By Maryam Aminu, Abuja

The fight to protect persons living with dementia is now more than a rallying cry and should be declared an emergency given the unbelievable scenes of persons living with dementia scornfully treated and jungle justice meted in some cases across the country. 

The National Senior Citizens Centre (NSCC) is mobilizing Nigerians and the global community to rise against indignities, abuse, and violence against persons with dementia.

Director-General of the Centre, Dr. Emem Omokaro while challenging experts and caregivers to come out with strategies and workable solutions expresses the resolve of the National Senior Citizens Centre to deploy available channels and institutions to put an end to the menace.

An official statement by the Head, Public Affairs, Media and Communication of NSCC, Mr. Omini Oden says Emem Omokaro  advocates the formation of a think-tank on what to do now to effectively address the very deplorable situation that is putting innocent senior citizens in Nigeria on the spot and attacks.

In the area of advocacy, Dr. Emem Omokaro is saying in the medium term, what support systems can be put in place for the sufferer and the family? while appealing to the National Orientation Agency and other channels to step up social mobilization templates that will bring Nigerians to the understanding that dementia is not witchcraft as being misconstrued or spiritual but a health condition that can be managed, he added.

Besides the National Senior Citizens Centre’s resolve to put an end to violence against persons living with dementia, Omokaro says access to official data on persons living with Dementia is imperative and this can only be achieved through the conduct of a Multi-indicator survey on Ageing. 

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