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Dear Royal Majesties & Highnesses of the United Global Kingdoms!

Holy Christmas to All!
A joyous Holiday season- remembering and celebrating Christmas, the birthday of Jesus Christ who was born in Bethlehem more than two thousand years ago…this is why we are celebrating Christmas.

I, H.I.M. Dr. King Bungane III the King of EMBO KINGDOM, Founder and President of United Global Kingdoms is wishing all the members Royal Kings and Chiefs and their kingdoms a bright and colourful Christmas as we expectantly await the new hopes and new dreams awaiting to envelope each one of us this New Year 2022.

We know based on our past experiences as Kings and Chiefs in our lands, that every after storm, every after dark nights the sun continues to illuminate our land, in every struggle, comfort awaits upon us. Let us not be weary, nor be dismayed. New hopes abound. New opportunities and privileges will be opened for us.

As Royal Leaders to our kingdoms, and to our people…we must remain the strongest and the bravest yet the most compassionate Royalty in our kingdoms.

May the joyous and festive season bring healing to our spirit, healing to our people and to our land that has infected millions, taken many lives, and almost paralyze the world by the sudden occurrence of the Coronavirus and the unexpected mutations that produce several variants.

Let us lead our people by our example. Our vital present concern at hand is their safety as we continue to safeguard ourselves and our royal families and the whole royal kingdoms and chiefdoms against this new variant called Omicron.

Encourage purposely social distancing, wearing of face mask and frequent washing of hands and spraying of alcohol and the use of the “Aiodine Solution”.

As we come to close the chapter of the year 2021, let me thank you for your support to United Global Kingdoms.

We look forward to attaining the purpose and objectives of the United Global Kingdoms by the year 2022.

My Prayers, Royal Wishes & Regards,
H.I.M.Archbishop Dr.King Bungane III
United Global Kingdoms
Founding President

United Global Kingdoms
Board of Directors & Officers

President: H.I.M.Archbishop Dr.King
Bungane III, DTh.

World Monarch Council Chairman: H.I. M. Prof. Dr.(HC) M.S.P.A. Iansyah Rechza F.W, B.Soc.Sc., M. Res., Ph.D.

Chairperson- H.R.H. Chief Timothy McPherson

Deputy Chairperson- H.I.M. King Ozor Dennis Okafor

Honorary President: H.R.M. Dr. King Emir A. Haiyawi

Secretary-General: H.R.M. Prof.Dr.Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad, Ph.D.

Deputy Secretary-General H.R.H. Chief Patrick Mashele, DTh

Treasurer: H. E. Dr. Bonface Obare Miranyi

Regional Ambassador H.R.M. Dr. King Letsitsa III, Ph.D.

Head of Investigation & Security: HI & RM King Yuriy Kostrov 1

Aiodine Solution
Invented & FDA Approved Singapore

2 thoughts on “Press release: United Global Kingdoms’ Founder wishes members, Royal Kings a merry Christmas, expresses optimism ahead of 2022

  1. Mmutle Mahlane Mogoboya says:

    I would like to be one of your members as king of Batlhabine ba ga Mogoboya.

  2. Mmutle Mahlane Mogoboya says:

    Rightfully,I would like to be declared King of Batlhabine ba ga Mogoboya following the death of my father King Freddy Mokgapa Mogoboya of Batlhabine ba ga Mogoboya. All that ruled after his death were and are still regents. I would like to be declared King of Batlhabine ba ga Mogoboya Monarchy as I am King Freddy Mokgapa’s first son. This is an indigenous sovereignty. I stay at Longvalley village stand number 1151. P
    O. Box 1595 Letaba 0870.
    Contact: 0834298060 including whatdApp. Email:

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