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By Askira Jafaar

Nigerian-born scholar and development activist, Professor Barika D. Saro-Laka, has been named as the winner of the 2022 Peace Award by Asia’s top establishment.

Mrs. Askira Jafaar, a senior journalist, who covered the event on the 14th of Feb. 2022 for our newspaper, hinted that the sixteen representatives of the current partners of the Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute, Kerjaan East Kalimantan in Indonesia and the honouree’s charity known as The Mighty One Empowerment Foundation (TEMOEFA) witnessed the conferment of the prestigious merit award on the recipient who hails from Bane Town, Ogoni Kingdom in Rivers State of Nigeria.

In his opening speech at the ceremony, the founder of the institution, His Imperial Majesty, Prof. Kinglansyah Rechza who is also the supreme King of Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom, said a panel of judges were assembled to evaluate and review the works of the nominees to justify their merit while these five personalities were found worthy of honour.

The King highlighted a statement credited to Prof. Saro-Laka in which the scholar had described “self-contentment, respect for human rights, justice, fairness and a detribalised approach to life, as some cardinal buffers of global peace”, while appreciating the scholar’s innovative ideas for advancing the economic angle of tourism and for sustaining his global peace campaigns.

Records show that Prof. Saro-Laka is the first Nigerian peace activist and intellectual to receive the merit award from the respected institute. He is the Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs of the State of Birland as well as a Visiting Professor on the faculty of the HIPDET University, Newark, New Jersey, USA.

Representatives of partner establishments and organisations present at the ceremony were Globe Eagle University, USA; International Open University of Humanity, Health Science and Peace, USA; UNLAGSFMI, Galaxies Poetic, Atunis; Bakholokoe Nation, Maana Phuthi; UN ONGO; Federation of World of Arts and Society (FOWCAAS), Singapore; Royal Kutai Mulawarman Peace International Institute, Mediterranean Foundation for the Survival of African Migrants, State of Birland, Bir Tawil; EMBO Kingdom for Africa, institute for Roma Studies of Europe and Research; The Entity of Future Leaders (FLE); United Global Kingdoms (UNGK); Unity World Peace Poets (UNWPP); Jara Foundation, Nepal, and The Mighty One Empowerment Foundation (TEMOEFA).

Prof. Saro-Laka’s award was received on his behalf by her boss and Prime Minister of the State of Birland, Her Excellency, Professor Eden Soriano Trinidad.

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