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At the Antalya Diplomacy Forum, held in Turkey, the voices of those who recognize the birth of a new political, financial, communicational and cultural order converged.

This new scheme must “guarantee the effective establishment of multilateralism,
with respect and equality,” while protecting world peace, as the Executive Vice President of Venezuela, Delcy Rodríguez, stated.

Representing the country at the event, held between March 11 and 13, Rodríguez indicated that the causes of conflicts in the world respond to domination claims
by the United States and its satellite countries, which refuse to transit towards plurality.

These contradictions are fed by de facto communism cational, financial and military powers, which have undermined the foundational basis of the United Nations.

Under this scenario, the actions of the
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and conflicts such as the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territory are inscribed.

Peaceful solution through dialogue
The US, in its eagerness to defend unipolarity, is confronted with the emergence of new economic powers.

In this context, Delcy Rodríguez refers, the
current crisis between Russia and Ukraine “is a clear example of stealthy provocations.”

“Venezuela joins the voices that call for a peaceful and dialogued solution to this conflict. Avoiding suffering to the peoples of the parties involved is an imperative need,” she stressed.

Rejection of the blockade Rodríguez once again denounced the criminal blockade against Venezuela, which violates
the rights of people that resist “inspired by the highest values in defense of our dignity and national sovereignty.”

She reiterated the willingness of the Bolivarian Government to maintain relations of respect and dialogue with the US government without conditions or restrictions, as well as to talk with
the holders of Venezuelan debt bonds and to hold a dialogue on energy with US and world production companies.

This position is in line with Venezuela’s appeal in the forum: “It is in our hands to resume the path of dialogue and respect for the plurality of nations (…) the will of the peoples demands that
peace be the future.”

Source: Published as shared by the Venezuelan Ambassador to Nigeria, H. E David N. Velasquez

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