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By Maryam Aminu, Abuja

His Excellency, UNESCO Laureate Prof. Sir Bashiru Aremu has been appointed member Board of Trustees, World Sustainable Development Goals Organization, an International Non governmental Organization.

This which was convened to His Excellency Bashiru Aremu on Thursday with a certification of appointment disclosed that his appointment takes effect immediately, urging him to contribute his quarter nationally and internationally to the growth of the organization and better living if all humans on earth.

World Sustainable Development Goals Organization, is scoped doing the following:
To promote development and economic goals in the society

To work within the scope of the 17 goals of Sustainable Development Goals within the nations of UN which are ; end hunger, ensure healthy lives, and promote well being, ensure quality education, achieve gender equality, ensure sustainable water and sanitation, ensure reliable energy, promote economic growth, build resilient infrastructure, foster innovation and reduce inequality within and among countries, ensure sustainable consumption and production pattern, combat climate change, conserved and sustainable use of oceans, seas, marine resources for sustainable development.

To empower youths in Nigeria and Africa with sustainable skills focusing on youth development, gender and environmental sustainability.

To support the adopted global goals to end poverty, protect the plant, ensure prosperity for all.

To inspire and educate youths and women to actively contribute to improve local and global issues affecting development ok education, sustainability, health, environment and peace building.

To encourage purposeful leadership for development of the people and the society.

To foster global development through integrated approach towards the challenges facing development in Nigeria and globally; good health, food, shelter, poverty alleviation, quality education, environment, peace building, child abuse and human trafficking, youth and women empowerment mentoring.

To collaborate with other organizations foundations, NGOs, having similar objectives.

Reacting to the appointment, His Excellency, UNESCO Laureate, Ambassador, World Acclaimed Distinguished Prof. Emeritus on merit, honored, and ranked Sir Bashiru Aremu Most Academy Excellent World Acclaimed Distinguished Professor Emeritus (on merit, honored and ranked) ratified by UNESCO Centre Central and South America with Reg. number Arg. 22/LT-19 and published with ISBN 978-1571-7412- Top up by UNN Nigeria, CSER Malaysia, MPRH Institute Iran, WCU USA, CIDVU, NIU, Canada and USA, UN ECOSOC, Geneva Switzerland, ICERE, Argentina, South America and others worldwide) assured the organization and entire humanity of his resilience in making sure that the world is a better place.

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