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By Emmanuel Daudu, Abuja

One of the foremost political parties in Nigeria, Allied peoples Movement, has called on all Christians to shun selfishness and love for worldly gratification but rather uphold the dignity of self-sacrifice and love for one another as Jesus did on the cross for the salvation of all.

The Allied Peoples Movement Ag. National Chairman, Mrs. Rose D. S. Gyar made the call in an Easter message made available to journalists on Friday in Abuja.

According to the Ag. National Chairman, Mrs. Rose D. S. Gyar, “it is with great joy that I send this goodwill message on this very important celebration in the Christian dome. EASTER CELEBRATION. The reason for the salvation of mankind.

“Today we begin the journey of salvation with GOOD FRIDAY where our Lord Jesus Christ was nailed to the cross to resurrect on the third day which is Easter Sunday to redeem us. May the reason for His death and resurrection be fulfilled in our lives and all our endeavours.

“I urge us all as mankind to reflect on our lives and embrace the goodness of God who created us in His image and likeness and be discouraged to show selfishness and love of worldly gratification and uphold the dignity of self-sacrifice and love for one another as Jesus did on the cross for our salvation”, she added.

Reacting to issues in the Party, she has this to say, “our party has in the few weeks been bedeviled with lies, disgusting comments, acrimony, selfishness, self-centeredness, unguarded utterances and hatred demonstrated through hate speeches, insults, embarrassing comments, deeds, and actions. I want to assure you that all these are expressions of human nature as a result of our mortality, pride, and self-exaltation.

“The dynamism about leadership is such that it can either make or mar the leader alone or along with his/her followers. We must therefore be careful in our zeal to defend our leaders. It is equally important to pay attention to the history of the existence of our party, the formation, governance structure, management procedure, and processes.

“The party did not form itself. People initiated the process and established the structure. It, therefore, goes to mean that there were aims and objectives, and probably also goals to achieve in the implementation process.

“There must always be founding members of every organization and the desire of every organization is to grow and expand to give room for more membership, new ideas, initiatives, and concepts. This does not throw away the ideals of the initiative nor permit newcomers to jump in and distort the set stage. The steps taken by the founders of APM are to redirect the affairs of APM towards repositioning the organization to function as a political party to provide a formidable alternative political party platform for citizens to contribute towards rebuilding our country, portraying nationhood and patriotism.

“My dear APM members, let our motto of INTEGRITY, SACRIFICE, SERVICE always be our guide in our individual private lives and public engagements. Nigeria must be first before ourselves.

“Happy Easter as we begin with Good Friday”.

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