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Poverty’s reduced in Kwara with youth inclusiveness-Lukeman Olukayode OCWAR-T Strengthens International Cooperation Between Côte d’Ivoire and Nigeria to Tackle Illicit drug trafficking

On the Universal Day of Culture 2022, 15th of April, the World Birland Poets (WBP) has been published in 15 major media in China, including official newspapers,& other media platform through the initiative of the Birland State Minister of Culture and Arts Grand Master Jason Tan Beng Siang, also the Founder of FOWCAAS in Singapore.

“The Universal Day of Culture under the Banner of Peace, known also as the World Day of Culture, is an observance held annually on April 15 in many countries around the World.”

The World Birland Poets (WBP) “Birland State” Themed Poetry Classic Works Exhibition (117 poets) has been reported in the following media and here are there links.

Metropolis Headlines【Beijing Headlines】

Public Number【Famous Teachers & Famous Celebrities】

NetEase News 【Classic Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting】

Chinese headlines【People’s Artists】

05、腾讯新闻 【国际诗书画评】
Tencent Penguin News 【International Poetry, Calligraphy and Painting Review】

06、腾讯 【看点快报】
Tencent【Kandian Express】

07、凤凰新闻 【艺海立体声】
Phoenix News 【Yihai Stereo】–xUuEnMM7gns313GVwXUeXrSh5uHv2-zZNTqaqnj702ZE7sEqQipwkOkQ9aFBLKFY2–WMSMSsN3TRdTQ___?spss=np&channelId=&aman=173750y847X3bfx842I48dL544zf03nb25o7b685da&gud=99R894M379

Chinese headlines【Xiangjiang Literature and Art News】

Today’s headlines【New Chinese and foreign literature and art】

Personal Library of 360

Sina Weibo 【Famous Teachers, Masters and Celebrities】

International United Daily Hong Kong Branch【News from China and Foreign Countries】

People’s Academy of Art (Shanghai) 【Head of People’s Daily】

China-Korea Artist Exchange Network

Chinese and English artist online

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