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By Emmanuel Daudu, Abuja

The Commandant General, National Unity and Peace Corps, Dr. Chinedu S. Nneji has lauded the effort of the Federal Government in being focused on drastically reducing the unemployment rate in Nigeria, which in turn would help curb insecurity immensely in the country.

Dr. Chinedu S. Nneji made this known while briefing the media on the state of the National Unity and Peace Corps as it has to do with the passing of the 3rd reading at the National Assembly of the bill seeking the establishment of the Nigerian Peace Corps.

“I have initially discussed and I’m here today to present to you the position and our participation in National Assembly as regards the Peace Corps, and then in doing so, I’ll start by saying that it is important to tell you where we are, and where we intend to be. When we started in 2016, in the first instance, when the bill was transmitted to Mr. President, and eventually, Mr. President rejected the bill on the grounds of the passage of funds. Upon revisiting the bill afresh, from the records last week Tuesday, the 12th of April 2022, it has clearly shown that President Muhammadu Buhari, and then the Senate President, indeed the APC government, are very willing to establish a body that will secure the lives and properties of Nigeria and Nigerians through conflict mediation, resolution, community services, and youth empowerment under the platform, Nigeria Peace Corps.

Describing the duties of the corps as stated in the bill, he said, “we will have a desk in all the entry points into the country. What this means is that after the Nigerian Immigration Service has done their routine duty, and all the security agencies would have finished their own. Next would now be the Peace Corps. Peace Corps now have to register all visitors into the country. We provide you with a guide and we’ll provide you the secured ambiance to make sure you enter the country and directly to where you’re going. If you’re a visitor and you have never visited Nigeria. This is what the Peace Corps will help you and in fact, help you to trace the address of where you’re going and ensure that the place you said you’re going to is actually where you are heading to. This is also a way of checkmating the influx of foreigners who are coming in to destabilize the country and also checkmates the people that are coming into the country with an ulterior motive, but if you come with a good motive, then the Crisco will help you to channel that your motive and your energy and make sure you do not witness any hitch within the context of your visit and then adjust it as you have come.

“Now I wish to say that in addition to this, it is our duty also to create and protect all the institutions in Nigeria. Of course, you know that this is what the United States has been looking for, in the wake of this new security we’re experiencing. So if the Peace Corps will be allowed to protect the institutions, then it will be difficult for bandits to go and carry our children and our students without being apprehended. This is our proposal and this is what this bill seeks to do. And then provide advocacy, training, skills acquisition and all that will be part of the responsibilities that this new deal intends to do”, he added.

While assuring Nigerians of diligence, he has this to say, “we assure every Nigerian that soon as Mr. President assent the bill into law, there will be a difference. All these bombings you are hearing here and there, banditry you’re hearing here and there, after three months, it will be a thing of the past. We are going to restore normalcy because we already have a blueprint on how to restore normalcy through mediation, dialogue, conflict resolution, and establishing a workable means through which this evaluation will strive.

” Let me also emphasize here that we are also open and we are calling on members of Boko Haram, the repented members that this one is also for you. Because we will see a way government will now use this organization to reintegrate both repentant Boko Haram and bandits because we believe that if you reform someone who is a citizen of the country, and you rehabilitate him, and give him gainful employment, he will be an instrument that will bring about further dialogue with his former members, then you see that we will have an amicable resolution of most of the problems”.

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