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Once Called a No Man’s Land, Birland State is now a country declared by its Founder and President H.R.M. Dr. King Emir A. Haiyawi, Ph.D. awaiting AU, UN EU Recognition.

It has been seven (7) years in the making from its founding date on May 15, 2015.The Prime Minister H.R.M. Queen Dr. Eden Soriano Trinidad, Ph.D. in the recent exclusive webinar organized for Birland State by the managing director Prof. VJE Caroline of C8TV.NET in India using a powerpoint presentation the Prime Minister shared the achievements and status of Birland today. She quoted this phrase which is a famous reference to BirTawil land as, No Man’s Land …”but now, not anymore!She pronounced that BirTawil is no longer a” No Man’s Land” for it is now called “Birland State”, and it has gained an implicit recognition several years ago. An implied recognition through the laying of hands of some native people inside the land and by raising the Birland flag with a written message on a piece of paper saying “Don’t be without us Birland!”The Birland landmass is 2,060 square kilometers.

It is Located between Sudan and Egypt in the land of BirTawil.Through the initiative of our Birland Minister of Culture and Deputy Prime Minister H.R.H. Chief Grand Master Jason Tan Beng Siang and Birland Representative in Singapore H.E. Mario Chua built up the Birland State international office in Singapore, and put up the Birland State signage outdoors. It was officially launched together with the Birland State website, Birland State National Anthem, National symbols such as the Birland State National flag, coat of arms, seal and the color tone.Grand Master Jason Tan proudly reiterated that “Birland is a country of Culture and our first culture is Poetry with 28 Pioneering named “Birland Poets” then renamed “World Birland Poets” (WBP) who are eminent poets from different countries whom we formally introduced worldwide through the Virtual Poetry Recitation of their Poems dedicated to Birland”.All the poems that the World Birland Poets composed have been published as an ebook, translated into Chinese Language and published as an e-book too. This year on March 10-20, 2022 we had our World Birland Poetry Anthology 2022, Poetry by Birland organized by our Director of Culture in Ecuador through its Poetas Intergalacticos (Intergalactic Poets) and 117 poets in 33 countries participated in.The World Birland Poets (WBP) made another milestone and created a history by reaching more than 48k views within 24 hours of publishing their news article in the major media and newspaper in China. The China media platform gave the red badge as a sign of being in the top news this year, Anthology Poetry for Birland 2022.

Several Royal kingdoms in Africa, South East Asia and Europe, international Institutions in different countries have signed MOU/ treaty and sent their letter recognizing Birland as a country.The Tai’an City Government in Shandong Province China and Budhanilkantha, the Municipality Tourism Board of Hattigauda, Kathmandu Bagmati Province, Nepal issued official letters for exchange of culture and tourism with Birland.Birland State is connected worldwide now; we are linked to “Federation of World Cultural and Art Society (Singapore)” website with members from 136 countries. FOWCAAS founder and Global Chief Councillor is the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Arts of Birland State H.R.H. Chief Grand Master Jason Tan Beng Siang. Through the alliance with FOWCAAS Birland participated in the video greetings to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics and it was approved to publish by China Culture to more than 25 major media platforms in China, Hongkong and Singapore. There are 80 personalities who represented their own country in the congratulatory video greetings.Birland State being a humanitarian country in the making together with FOWCAAS proposed to the scientist team who invented the Aiodine solution to send free Aiodine solution to some countries like Nepal, Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria, Spain, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and others, with the motto “to help save lives first”. ( State also created the World Birland Martial Arts and Sports (WBMAS) headed by the Founder and Chairman of the “World Complete Martial Arts Federation” (WCMAF) H.E. Grand Master Carter Wong the Birland State Chief Advisor of country Defensive Martial Arts and Director General of Security Department-Macau Special Administrative region of China.Last year, Birland supporters in Africa celebrated the 6th Founding anniversary of the Birland state in Nigeria.

This Year 2022, Birland State 7th Founding Anniversary will be celebrated in Kathmandu Nepal organized and hosted by Birland State Minister of Tourism H.E. Mingma Dorjee Sherpa, H.E. Debendra Kc Birland State Director of Aviation, WBP pioneering member and Honorary Representative of Culture and likewise Zen Master Krishna Prasai also the Founding Chairman of Jara Foundation Nepal. The Birland top administration are the Guests of honor.

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