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The Nigerian youth congress (NYC), in partnership with civil society groups, have given the governor of River state and also a presidential aspirant Nyesom Wike, an ultimatum of forty eight hours to release one Hon. Farah Dagogo or face serous consequence.

At a press conference yesterday, the president of NYC, Blessing Akinlosotu, spoke on behalf of the group, explaining that the arrested person, Hon. Farah Dagogo, is a member of the National Assembly representing the Bonny-Degema federal constituency in River state, and was unlawfully detained by men of the Nigerian police force on Gov. Wike’s orders.

The groups therefore calls on Gov. Nyesom Wike, to revease his actions against the arrested person, and immediately call the inspector general of police, leadership of the National Assembly in River state and ensure his unconstitutional release and restoration of his full right to participate in the River state gubernatorial elections.

The groups further warned that if their requests are not honored in 48 hours, then the Governor should expect expect a nationwide public protest against him.

They said: ” The Nigerian Youth Congress and the entire Civil Society Leaders had made vast enquiries into this matter among Stakeholders which includes but not limited to Ijaw Youth Council (IYC) and discovered that Hon. Dagogo is highly cherished not only across Rivers State but within Nigeria for his doggedness in pursuing courses of the well-being of the Masses”

” It is, therefore, totally unacceptable to the Nigerian Youth and Civil Society for a Young Lawmaker of such pedigree and impressive track records to be unlawfully arrested and detained in that manner and for this long, under the circumstances shrouded in mystery and secrecy with trump up charges”

On behalf of the CSOs, the Chief Convener, Olayemi Success, stated that this unlawful act could jeopardize River state Governor Wike’s presidential bid, adding that if Wike has any scores to settle with Dagogo, he should do so lawfully and without public contempt and provocations.

He continued: ” NYC, the Young People of Nigeria with well-meaning Civil Society Groups are highly interested in this matter, as “injury to one, is injury to all”. Hon. Dagogo remains one of our most reliable and fast rising Young Political Leader, with great prospects in the forthcoming Governorship Election in River State, who has creditably represented his Constituency and the Nigerian Youth at the Green Chambers effectively well. This development, for us, goes far beyond Partisan Politics in Rivers State, but is a huge threat to Democracy and Rule of Law in Nigeria at large”

” After 48 Hours from now, if Hon. Dagogo is not released, let this Press Conference serve as Public and Official Notice to all relevant quarters and authorities of our next line of Action, which would be a Mass Public Protest against Governor Nyesom Wike Nationwide.” He added.

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