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By Emmanuel Daudu, Abuja

Her Royal Highness, Princess Omobola Bolu Omoleme has called on the federal government of Nigeria and The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) to shift grounds in order to call off the lingering strike which does the nation no good rather harps negatively on the country’s education system.

Princess Omobola made this known in a media chat while discussing on the danger of a dilapidating education system in any nation.

According to her, education is the soul of a nation, the key to its secured future but it is a well-known fact that Nigeria’s is deteriorating. This ugly state of the country’s education has been attributed over time to a number of factors including underfunding, low-quality teaching personnel, poor infrastructure, poverty of curriculum and absence of dedicated practitioners.
“From primary through secondary to the tertiary level, the rot is mind-boggling. It is a decline, which must be arrested if Nigeria’s future would not be jeopardised.

“For several years, stakeholders, university administrators, parents and even students themselves have decried the falling standard in the university system. They have witnessed from successive governments a systemic dysfunction that has continued to impede the growth of education. They have also witnessed how a vibrant intellectual culture that bred opinion leaders, captains of industries, has been replaced by a rabid, consumerist trend churning out nurseries of mediocrities.

“The overall consequence of this is a nation with its future threatened. Poor learner’s performance is evident in the poor outcome of various evaluating and benchmarking examinations”.

“Students, remaining at home would without doubt increase insecurity in the country. Thus, I plead the both bodies to come into consensus soon so that all these students can get back to their sundry learning environments”, she pleaded .

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