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Your Incitement Cannot Save Oyetola- PDP Mocks Abdullahi Adamu Fuel Scarcity: HRH Omobola Bolu Omoleme pleads FG to look into the ravaging situation in the country

Peace is the consciousness of tolerance, forgiveness, unity, and harmony, which are the Supreme natural frequencies needed for the advancement of Humanity. However, if we undermined peace, love, and unity, the world would suffer atrociousness. That is why we must make sure peace, love, and harmony become a culture and a religious part of human existence.

Therefore, we must make peace resolution a major key factor of the Governmental treaty. We need better leaders and citizens to create the better world we need for ourselves and the next generations to come. Because when we find peace, love, and forgiveness within us, we will indeed find it in the universe.

How long are we going to trade the path of ignorance and immaturity? As educated as we are global, we have chosen to be educated illiterates instead of literates. Are war and violence the only options? I am disappointed with the war in the world.

Anytime we stir violence, we should remember that innocent women’s children suffer the most. We shouldn’t make decisions because of our selfishness, greed, and intolerance. For decades now, the human race has suffered violence and atrocities. Many have lost their lives, Many have lost their wealth, many have lost their home, and many are homeless and orphans today. We need peace and peace now

No leader of a country is greater than the citizens of the country.

We need peace and peace now.

The children need peace to be able to play around; The women need peace to take care of their homes and work, The men need relaxation to work and take care of their families, The youth need peace to study and advance in life.

Peace is needed to build the socio-economic system of a country. Let’s stop the leadership of disunity and embrace friendship, harmony, tolerance, love, peace, and unity.

Painful history will never repeat itself.

Global leaders must call all leaders to sign a treaty of peace.

Every leader is not a God, we are servants, and we must never forget that.

Humanity hasn’t recovered from the scar of atrocities of racism, discrimination, war, covid, and poverty.

I am disappointed
We must surrender to peace and unity now to stimulate cooperation for universal nationhood, brotherhood, and sisterhood. These are the vitamins and minerals we need to renourish and vitalize the body and mind of nations, societies, families, and relationships.

At this very moment, what we should be fighting is poverty and Diseases and not ourselves. We need to rethink life; what do we gain fighting to kill and terrorize one another, wasting resources building weapons and substances for man’s destruction when the human race Is wallowing in poverty-stricken and sicking conditions. What are the present and the future if we think about fighting ourselves, making life unbearable? Peace is unchanging and priceless energy. Let’s embrace it now or perish forever.

We need peace now and forever.

Prince Waheed Musah

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