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Your Incitement Cannot Save Oyetola- PDP Mocks Abdullahi Adamu Fuel Scarcity: HRH Omobola Bolu Omoleme pleads FG to look into the ravaging situation in the country

By Joseph Aanker, Makurdi

An icon of global conscience and development activist, Prof. Barika Saro-Laka, has sworn to dedicate the remaining part of his life to fight and win any African leader seeking life presidency, saying it is alien to democratic ethics and practice in the entire world.

The radical activist who spoke to journalists in Makurdi, Benue State after a pre-birthday prayer session hosted by his friends and associates, said together with his unseen forces, he was determined to disgrace any African leader who choose to disrespect their people and constitution while pursuing greed and impunity.

He regretted that the image of the African continent has been messed up in the eyes of the international community due to inept leadership and the greedy style of governance executed by some African leaders.

According to him, it is a sad situation to observe that a continent that should lend to nations in other continents are today heavily indebted to some trickish countries and organizations in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Saro-Laka, a Visiting Professor to HIPDET University, USA, among others, disclosed that the unseen forces known as the Movement for African Integrity (MOVAFI) had, in the past, intervened secretly in countries such as South Africa, Nigeria and Zimbabwe to crush a wild mentality for life presidency.

According to the activist, MOVAFI, also in the past crushed Hosni Mubarak, Edgar Lungu, and Alpha Conde for the will of the people to thrive, adding that the current leader of Guinea was doing well in order to restore the country to democratic rule.
He declared “My commitment to fighting dictatorship and enthroning virile democracy and good governance in Africa represents an element of the social contract l have sworn to promote and defend until my invitation to heaven.”
Prof. Saro-Laka used the event to send special greetings to the President of the State of Birland, Africa’s newest country, for showing exemplary leadership and for boosting Africa’s image through effective and impactful governance and achievements.

The development activist also prayed God to grant President Emir Haiyawi the grace of longevity while congratulating the Prime Minister, Prof. Eden Soriano Trinidad and all Birlanders on the 7th anniversary of their Fouding Day celebrated at Kathmandu in Nepal on June 15.
Saro-Laka commended President Emir Haiyawi for approving grants to support thousands of micro entrepreneurs and indigent citizens in Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Egypt, Liberia, Guinea, Gambia and South Africa in order to reduce the harsh effect of COVID-19 pandemic on their businesses and lives.

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