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By Emmanuel Monday, Abuja

In honour of the Birland President’s Birthday, H.R.M. King Emir A. Haiyawi, a get-together service was held today in Nigeria at the Divinity Assembly, in Abuja-Nigeria.

Birland, the 55th African country is also known as Bir Tawil land, a desert in the African continent located between Sudan and Egypt. It is a land with its own political border and it’s described on the Wikipedia as “Terra Nulius”, meaning no man’s land.

The land size is 2,060 square kilometers (795.4 square miles) and it is bigger than countries such as Malta, Brunei, Bahrain, Singapore, and Dubai.

The Birland Minister for Trade and Investment, H.E, Prof. Barango Wenke Jnr while giving an opening remark lauded the celebrant, President of Birland, H.R.M. King Emir A. Haiyawi, and the Prime Minister, H.R.M. Prof. Dr. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad for considering him worthy of the appointment reaffirming his resolve on making sure that the new country, Birland is globally active in the trade and investment sector.

While congratulating H.R.M. King Emir A. Haiyawi, in his words, “with long life and good health will he be satisfied. We have prayed for him today. Lots of Pastors we have invited for this event have prayed their hearts out for the preservation of the President and we know that God has answered our prayers.

“I say to him congratulations”, Barango added.

Also speaking at the event, Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Birland State, H.E. Prof. Barika Dominic Saro Laka JP, said, King Emir A. Haiyawi’s and his government administration’s long-term vision for Birland State is to transform it into the Dubai of Africa.
“For now, the government administration is working hard to get Birland State officially recognized by international bodies so that the country can be officially established and can issue official citizenship to the people living in Birland (Bir Tawil). The next steps will be to build homes and provide essential services for citizens, refugees, and stateless people (for permanent and temporary residence) for people in Birland State.

“The Birland State government administration seeks to establish good international relations and cooperation with the rest of the world”, he added.

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