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NiMet Warns Of Possible Severe Thunderstorm



NiMet Warns Of Possible Severe Thunderstorm

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency through it’s Central Forecasts Office (CFO) has warned of an approaching severe thunderstorm that is observed from the northeastern part of the country. In a release this afternoon the agency said that “Severe thunderstorm cells are
currently being observed over
the north-eastern parts of the
country including Borno,
Adamawa,Gombe and Taraba;
moving in a NE-SW direction
with groundspeed of 30Km/h.
These are expected to
propagate westward to give
squally thunderstorm to some

According to a statement signed by Muntari Yusuf Ibrahim,GM/Public
Relations, on May 17, 2023 further revealed that another thunderstorm cell was observed developing over Jos
highground which is accompanied with squally wind and heavy rains and are expected to propagate westward to affect parts of Gombe, Bauchi, Benue, Plateau, Nasarawa, Enugu, Ebonyi, northern Cross River, within the next 3 to 6 hours.

Also, parts of Kaduna, FCT and
Niger state are expected to
experience thunderstorm with
moderate to heavyrains within the
next 6 hours.

The statement therefore advise that where thunderstorms are expected, strongwinds are likely to precede the rains and as such, trees, electricpoles, unsecured objects and weak buildings
may be felled,so the public is advised to be cautious. Stay in-door especially during heavy rainfall to avoid being struck by lightning.

All Airline operators are advised to avail themselves of weather reports
periodically from NiMet for effective planning in their operations.

Disaster risk managers, agencies and individuals should be proactive, to avert loss of lives
and property during the rainy season.

The Central Forecast Office (CFO) in NiMet will continue to monitor the weather and provide updates when necessary.

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FCDO, UK Visits NiMet For Collaboration On Research



FCDO, UK Visits NiMet For Collaboration On Research

As a follow up to the workshop on Flood Early Warning held last year in Nigeria by UN SPIDER /NARSDA/ NIMET /NIHSA/ NEMA in which lack of effective risk communication was identified as one of the critical gaps in the disaster response early warning and disaster management, the United Kingdom government through the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) paid a visit to the Nigerian Meteorological Agency, NiMet, to propose and implement a research project to plug the evidence gap around effective scientific and space-based Flood risk communication to enable efficient action by all stakeholders (technical vs no -technical, state vs non-state actors, national vs sub-national, Institution vs individuals) amongst several objectives.

In her introductory remarks at the meeting in NiMet headquarters, a member of the team and the Team leader innovation, Leone Jones, said that the United Kingdom has quite extensive programmes most of them being long term thematic programmes that are managed out of UK.

She added that her team is in Nigeria with support to do “Specific research that responds to particular needs or questions that are very relevant for our team’s office or for yourselves and partners across the country, so that is why we developed this programme, working with yourselves and others leading in flood risk across Nigeria on a particular piece of research”, she said.

Leone revealed that her team would talk to different relevant agencies to make sure they are aware, and to socialize the research and get the various agencies’ input.

“The important thing for us is that anytime that we fund research, it needs to respond to your priorities, it needs to be something that is useful to your needs and its a known gap thing and is delivering against your priorities, that is important for us”, she stressed.

In her submission another member of the team and team lead on climate change and nature, Matinez Sokey disclosed that their portfolio is shifting and reflects the importance that FCDO is placing on climate change.

“ So we are thinking about how we should focus our efforts more on climate. What we see is a country which is already feeling the effects of climate change in different ways and different places”, she reiterated

Adding, Matinez further observed that some fantastic works on early warning system is going on in Nigeria but disclosed that her team would want to know the challenges NiMet is getting from the early warning systems they set up and how it is getting to the individual communities and families or farmers who need the information, because that is what the research or work is all about.

Speaking, Emmanuel Taiwo, the Climate and Environment adviser, who said he was impressed with the facilities at NiMet disclosed that he had the privilege to be part of the work on HydroSoS and outlook system, which he said he is glad it is being utilized in Nigeria.

The Research and innovation adviser, Segun Adetunde, reiterating the purpose of their visit, said “ why we are here is to improve the effectiveness of flood risk communication within the country”.

He noted that FCDO can actually do something to plug the gaps that have been identified and what can be done and how the coordination mechanism can be improved that currently exist in the country in respect to flood risk prediction along the nexus of flood risk communication.

In his response, Chief Meteorologist at NiMet, James Ijampy explained how NiMet was able to monitor the flood last year and how the various stakeholders were alerted and subsequently with the cooperation of the various stakeholders, were able to communicate same to the communities.

“ The multi-sectoral really worked last year in terms of coming together, monitoring and issuing forecasts”.

He noted that the forecast should be demand-driven as some of the information are key for adaptation.

Speaking Oyegade Adeleke, Assistant General Manager, Climate Services in NiMet, opined that climate change has come to stay that we can only build resilience and adapt to it.

“After a flood you see a community totally helpless. They can’t even recover, they can’t even go back to their farms. That is the gap we must try to fill in this kind of project. How do we help people to build resilience and recover after devastation?”, he queried.

Earlier in his introductory remarks, the Director of Research and Training, Professor Effiom Oku who represented the Director-General Professor Mansur Bako Matazu , while welcoming the team, gave a brief history of NiMet, while appreciating them, he assured that NiMet will work with the team for the success of the project.

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NCC intensifies sensitisation on telecoms fraud



NCC intensifies sensitisation on telecoms fraud

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has sensitised motor spare parts traders in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, on how to avoid telecom and e-fraud on mobile telecommunications network.

Its Head of Consumers Affairs, Mr Ayanbanji Ojo, said this at the NCC consumers sensitisation programme held at Agodi-Gate motors spare parts market on Thursday in Ibadan.

Ojo said that the commission had received several complaints on financial fraud through telecoms platforms.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the sensitisation programme featured awareness campaign, lectures, questions and answers, among others.

Ojo said that the commission decided to bring the sensitisation with the theme; “Shine Your Eyes, No Fall Mugu”, to the market because of the vulnerability of the most traders to events and happenings in the telecommunications space.

He urged consumers to always keep their Subscribers Identification Module(SIM) cards safe, beware of free gifts internet links, use strong passwords and guide against Identity thefts online.

Ojo also advised that and they should always be careful of investment schemes perpetuated on telecoms platforms.

“The market people are our telecom consumers, without them we can not exist as a regulator. The market people deserve to know what is going on in the telecoms space.

“There have been so many complaints on loss of money. So, we need to educate our consumers all the time because we are now in the sustainability of telecoms industry.

“If we do not sustain the telecom consumers, the fraudsters will take advantage of them.

“As telecom regulator, we advise people to go to their service providers to resolve complaints. But if they are disatisfied, they can call NCC toll free number ‘622’ to resolve the issue, “he said.

Also speaking, the President, Ibadan Motor Parts Dealers Association, Mr Moruf Olanrewaju, commended the efforts of the NCC to safe the consumers from the rising trends of telecoms fraud.

Olanrewaju noted telecoms fraudsters adopt new methods from time to time.

He urged the commission to increase its routine sensitisation programmes to the market, motor parks and other public gatherings to expose the consumers to new scams before they become victims.(NAN)

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Irabor: Setting standard for military involvement in elections by Chuks Aziken



Irabor: Setting standard for military involvement in elections by Chuks Aziken

Nigeria will on Monday May 29 transit from one civilian administration to another after a successful presidential election held on February 25, 2023. President Muhammadu Buhari will hand over the reins of power to the candidate of his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu after serving 2 terms of 4 years each.

Significantly, it is an incontrovertible fact that the election was regarded as successful by local and international observers because the Nigerian military under the visionary and pragmatic leadership of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) General Lucky Irabor provided the atmosphere for the conduct of peaceful, free and fair elections. It is on record that there was no single report of military personnel interfering with the electioneering process. Soldiers and officers deployed for election duties across the country conducted themselves in a professional manner. This is in fulfillment of the assurances given by General Irabor before the election. It was indeed a stellar performance by our gallant troops.

This was unlike past elections where the military is always enmeshed in one controversy or the other due to the unprofessional conduct of a few military personnel. This has over the years tarnished the image of the entire institution. In the past, the Nigerian military has been accused of meddling in elections, intimidating voters and in some cases aided in rigging elections. However, this time around, the narrative has changed, thanks to the gentleman under whose leadership the troops displayed a new level of patriotism, dedication, and service to the nation.

Also, in the build up to the election, so many nay-sayers and disgruntled elements in their usual characteristics predicted the reign of fire and brimstone during the election. Some even went as far as saying that there may not be Nigeria after the 2023 elections. The demons of democracy were up and running; rearing their ugly heads through mud-slinging and smear campaigns against their perceived political foes. The fear of violence was palpable.

Despite these fears, General Irabor, known for his boldness, declared that the Armed Forces of Nigeria was prepared to ensure a secured general election. Although the police is the lead agency for elections security, the Defence chief reiterated that the military has compared notes with other security agencies and assessed the entire situation thus declaring that, “we are good to go. The assessment is that we are set on all fronts. “

Irabor also gave assurances that the security agencies would cover every part of the country to ensure peaceful elections, so that all eligible Nigerians could exercise their franchise, noting that contingency actions have been taken to address areas with peculiar security challenges, the defence chief warned those plotting to cause trouble during the elections to have a rethink, because “they will get a bloody nose.”

As a general that is known for standing by his words, he put mechanism in motion to ensure that his promise of providing a serene atmosphere for the conduct of a credible election came to pass. This was made possible through professional conduct of the Nigerian military inspired by the Chief of Defence Staff across the nation which saw the military along with the other services and agencies ensuring successful general elections. Reports from different parts of the country indicated that the Armed forces of Nigeria had kept to its promise and indeed not only was the military apolitical but collaborated with other security agencies.

Politicians and thugs who attempted to disrupt elections were dealt with irrespective of their party affiliations. As the bastion of our nascent democracy, our gallant troops stopped the enemies of Nigeria who wanted to ignite an ethno-religious and tribal war in the country hiding under the guise of elections. I once again salute the Defence chief under whose leadership the Nigerian military displayed a high sense of professionalism and loyalty to the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria when it matters the most.

There is no denying the fact that the military under General Irabor’s command has set a standard and templates for successive leadership of the military as far as election security was concerned. General Irabor has proven again and again that results will always be achieved with exemplary leadership. This template of dedication to fatherland must be meticulously followed by the military in the future for successful election security.

While we are grateful to the Nigerian military for their patriotism and commitment to democracy, we are thankful to General Irabor, under whose watch; conducting a peaceful election in Nigeria has been made possible.

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